Posted by: Libby | June 6, 2009

Seven started, two finished in the first long-distance race

We proved something today: Light south winds and heavy current make for a very, very long sail back from Martin Slough.

T’Gilli and Pizazz were the first off the line in the reverse start, followed by Sleazy Dog, Tobasco, Nanuk, Mo-B-Dick and finally, Raven.  Winds were very light and coming from the south, making for a quick trip to the mark.  It was at the turn where the problems began.  The running current kept about half of the fleet from advancing past the mark and after nearly an hour with little progress, T’Gilli and Pizazz folded up their tents and headed for home, followed in time by Tabasco and Nanuk.

Raven and Mo-B-Dick eventually made it back home, but Sleazy Dog gets the credit for this one: after SIX HOURS of battling inch for inch to make it back up river, he finally had to call it a day.  Way to hang in there Mark & crew!   If sheer guts and determination decided races, Sleazy would be Best in Fleet every year, and he proved that again today.


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