Posted by: Libby | May 29, 2010

Results – Spring Series Race 1 (May 20)

From our esteemed Race Captain, Bob Barnes:

The day was wet, very wet, and maybe that is why turnout for the race was sooo very small, or maybe a coincidence kept boats out for other reasons. Most of the day the breeze was light and variable. When the hour to race arrived, the rain backed-off, but the breeze remained light and squerrlie, to none-at-all. Thanks to excellent judgement (and a spot of luck for the fleet) from Milo, on committee duty, we got a race completed in spite of quirky winds.


  1. Barnestormer (Score 1 point)
  2. Sleazy Dog (2 points)
  3. Spam (3 points)
  4. Mo-B-Dick (4 points)

Did Not Race (Score 9 points):
BLS Beserk
Black Diamond

Committee: Nanuk

Note: Scoring for a Did Not Race (DNR) is arrived at by adding 1 point to the number of boats entered (and in the case of SHSC, we back out 1 point for the entrant doing committee).

It was a good race, and fun to be back on water.


  1. Hello
    I am interested in racing on Thursday nights. I have a Merit 22. I live in La Center WA. I would launch from Ridgefeild WA.
    Gary Kapezynski


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