Posted by: Libby | May 29, 2010

Results – Spring Series Race 2 (May 28)


Fears of the race being canceled for lack of wind, turned out to be groundless. Around 5:45 the wind picked up, and chop made early going hard on the small boats. By the time boats rounded #2 the wind moderated, and progress up stream became more of a struggle.

Good course and a good race.


  1. Raven (Score 1 point)
  2. Nanuk (Score 2 points)
  3. Barnestormer (Score 3 points)
  4. Mo-B-Dick (Score 4 points)
  5. Tabasco (Score 5 points)
  6. Spam (Score 6 points)
  7. Sleazy Dog (Score 7 points)

Did Not Race (Score 9 points):
Black Diamond

Committee: BLS Beserk

Thanks to Neal Shervey and his noble dog for braving the landings and committee work single-handed.



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