Posted by: Libby | June 4, 2010

Results – Spring Series Race 3 (June 3)

Update from Race Captain Bob:
(note: this post was edited on June 11th to add Sleazy Dog to the list of DNF boats.)


Race #3 was less than ideal. CAH-CAH would be a good description to capture the experience. Cold, clammy rain, light breeze coming from upstream, strong current conspired to make for less than happy racing. The results leaves only one group of local villains with smiles on their face.

Raven, with an unmatched malevolence, managed to beat the two hour deadline by 3 min 43 sec, leaving the rest of the racing fleet to eventually throw in a cold, wet sponge, having failed to even make the turning mark. Our warmest congratulations to team Raven. (Who needs this kind of humbling?)



  1. Raven (Score 1 point)

Did Not Finish (Score 8 points)

  • Mo-B-Dick
  • Barnestormer
  • Nanuk
  • Tabasco
  • Spam
  • Sleazy Dog

Did Not Race (Score 9 points)

  • BLSBerserk
  • Black Diamond


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