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Results – Spring Series Race 6 (June 24)

This fisherman's passengers are lucky that freighter didn't squash them like a bug!

Example #1 of what not to do: Anchor your tiny fishing boat right where the giant cargo ship should be.

This from Race Captain Bob Barnes:
Well, the weather gods finally smiled for the racing fleet. After a lousy stretch of light wind, strong current, drippy, rainy, cold, and soggy racing, we got sunshine and wind. Race Number 6 gave us near ideal sailing and all the freighter traffic one could hope to encounter.

For the purposes of our racing enjoyment the world of commerce rerouted a good deal of shipping to make St Helens the vortex of the planet. For forty minutes freighters came from all directions, blowing warnings at each other, at anchored and inattentive fishermen, and at sailors who were looking over their shoulders anxiously calculating where they should go to be out of the way of those steel giants and not lose too much ground to the conniving sneaks who compose the opposition.

Two incidents were of particular interest: One involved a small aluminum skiff anchored in the shipping channel near the Lewis River. An outward bound freighter blew blast after blast after blast at the fishermen, who apparently believed that prior possession of a point of real estate on this planet trumped several thousand tons of steel. I wonder if they had any idea of how close to eternity they were. Even as the freighter skinned past them at a distance of what appeared to be 10 ft, they were yelling in glee like kids on a roller coaster as they rode the big waves off the freighters wake. The second incident involved someone’s search for a White Whale, but I’ll let others tell that tale.


  1. Raven – 1 point
  2. Nanuk – 2 points
  3. Barnestormer – 3 points
  4. Black Diamond – 4 points
  5. Tabasco – 5 points
  6. Mo-B-Dick – 6 points
  7. Spam – 7 points
  8. Sleazy Dog – 8 points

Did not race:

  • BLS Berserk – 10 points

Committee: Sleazy Dog’s crew

See the season’s results here.

Scoring for DNR is arrived at by adding 1 point to the number of boats entered (and in the case of SHSC, we back out 1 point for the entrant doing committee).

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Tabasco, hanging out before the start.

Jockeying for position at the start. It was great fun having eight boats on the line!

Barnestormer and Mo-B-Dick enjoying some classic St. Helens sailing

Rich at the helm of Raven, skillfully ducking jetties without making his crew of two jibe back and forth.


  1. Just a quick reminder for all racers: Interfering with commercial traffic is not just annoying for the big ships, it is also grounds for protest and disqualification from a race.

    Let’s try to give the big boats the room they need to do their work. Remember we’re out there for fun, and they are on the job. Give them plenty of space and telegraph your intentions to them so they know not to worry. If we all do our best at this, then all sailors in St. Helens will have a good reputation for being courteous on the water.

  2. Oh, and thank you Bob for such wonderful post-race reports. They are the highlight of my week!


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