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Results, Summer Series Race 6 (August 26)

Kudos to Bob & Crew for managing to WIN while the boat was slowly filling with water. What a feat! Photo by Libby 🙂

This from Race Captain Bob:

What a race!  It started out calmly enough.  The sun was shining, a light and variable breeze came from the north, then from the west, and the northwest.  A port tack was definitely favored, but you didn’t want to get  too close to the Oregon shore in the shadow of the bluff.  At the same time you didn’t want to be caught at the start line near the dock on Sand Island in a crowd, driven into irons on a port tack.  Some of us managed to get over the start and were lifted by a wind bending west all the way to the red/green can in one tack.  Those forced to go to a starboard tack paid heavily in the light flood tide with the breeze coming from a variety of directions.  It was what is called in technical terms, a crap-shoot.

After turning the red/green can and getting a spinacker up, Barnestormer found itself in a unique position.  It was leading, looking at the unique view of the front side of Raven’s spinacker.

“Geez!”, I said, “I hope the medical community keeps feeding Rick whatever post surgery drugs he’s on.”

Suddenly the wind stops, the boat stops, sails are hanging limp, and Nanuk comes squirting at us from 100 yards astern, with her bow wave making enough noise to cripple any desire to look over our shoulders.  As I am cursing the wind-gods under my breath, Nanuk slows, and it’s Barnestormer’s turn to move.  We turned the green can at Lewis River and start to reach across river to the red can, keeping an eye on the Portland bound freighter.

All of a sudden it is deja vu all over again.  Last week, in almost this exact spot we were shipping water over the floorboards in the cabin, the source of which was a mystery.  Well, here it is again, only more of it.  I turn the helm over to Glen, run below to shut any and all thru-hulls off.  The crew is struggling to roll out the jib and bring down the spinacker, but the spindle of the roller furling jib has jammed, as has the spinacker halyard, and the freighter is honking to add a little color to this scene from a Hollywood farce.  Stay tuned for the next installment to see if ….

OK, yaa, we made the turning mark.  As we went up-wind toward the finish, Randy, crawled into the stern compartment and found the source of the water.  The caulking on an abandoned  thru-hull under the stern, just above the water-line had failed.  When the boat runs before the wind, the stern settles into the water as does the hole with the failed caulking, and, presto, you have a sudden and dramatic gusher of water which would be the envy of St Helens’ city fathers. However, beating or sitting still the hole was above the water and giving no clue as to it’s potential for excitement.

It should also be noted that Raven received a DNF because Rick says he failed to turn the green can at Lewis River; and Milo is not to be toyed with by those who expect undeserved room at a mark.


  1. Barnestormer – 1 point
  2. Nanuk – 2 points
  3. Mo-B-Dick – 3 points
  4. Sleazy Dog – 4 points
  5. Tabasco – 5 points
  6. Surprise – 6 points
  7. Aeolus – 7 points
  8. Raven (DNF) – 8 points
  9. Black Diamond (DNR, points TBA…)


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