Posted by: Libby | September 6, 2010

Results, Summer Series Race 7

This from Race Captain Bob:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mother Nature gave us her blessing for the final evening race.  A moderate breeze coming from the north was warm enough for T-shirts.  The water was pretty flat allowing the small boats to move easily enough around the 4.62 mile course in about an hour and quarter.  
The start was a might messy for some of us (me, for example); and Milo was wearing his crew down with head sail changes until the last second before the start; and Black Diamonds found the bottom of the river on the north side of Sand Island shortly after the start.  Sailing can be humbling.  Raven decided to take vengeance on the fleet for my crack last week about post surgery drugs.  Raven squirted to an early lead and never gave it up, despite a good effort on the part of the boats chasing her.  Rick is back in his stride.  But once the fleet settled down, it was good tight racing.  Four boats finished within a 2 and a half minute spread.  Well done everyone!  Every boat did a good job, no matter what place it got in the fleet.


  1. Raven – 1 point
  2. Nanuk – 2 points
  3. Barnestormer – 3 points
  4. Mo-B-Dick – 4 points
  5. Black Diamond – 5 points
  6. Aeolus – 6 points
  7. Sleazy Dog – 7 points
  8. Surprise – 8 points
  9. Tabasco – 9 points

Did Not Race

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