Posted by: rcalnon | June 21, 2012

Race Report: June 14th Race

Last Thursday night’s race was definitely more exciting to watch than most. Perhaps it’s the reverse start or the sailors improving their game, but the on course competition is certainly heating up. I have not seen a finish so close to a tie in a very long time. It was fortunate that I had my cell phone camera snapping pictures at the finish.

Barnestormer had taken the lead earlier in the race and slide across the finish line first. The real race was for second between Jessica and Nanuk. Jessica was in the lead coming into the St Helens channel with Nanuk breathing down her neck. Crafty Milo waited for the right moment and blanketed Jessica as they approached the finish line. It’s an awful feeling watching your spinnaker collapse and feeling your boat decelerating as your competitor slices by into the lead.

But wait, it’s not over yet. Jessica’s steady skipper and crew kept their composure and quickly adjusted the spinnaker. A puff of wind filled her perfectly trimmed sail and the race was back on. She accelerated and managed to just barely nose in front of Nanuk over the finish line. See attached photo. Sorry about the photo quality, but if you zoom in it is possible to spot the flag pole just at Jessica’s bow pulpit.


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