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Summer Cruise 2013 Special Edition July 27th – Aug.10th


Welcome to the SHSC Summer Cruise.  This year we are doing something different.  For the first time we are going to Batwater Station for Saturday and Sunday nights.  We would like as many boats as possible to join in for the opening weekend of the cruise for this special destination. If you can not sail your boat there you can still join us by driving there and camping or sleeping on a friends boat.

riverkitchen If your boat has a place to sleep and the ability to carry a cooler of food then thats all you need for a visit to Batwater. You don’t even need to sleep on your boat as they have an area for camping so bring your tent.   They have showers, restrooms, a complete cooking facility including outdoor propane and wood fired grills. The dock is 320’ long and has water and power.   For a complete list of the amenities please visit their website –   Please consider joining the cruise even if you have never gone in the past.  This is a great way to visit the lower Columbia no matter what size boat you have.  It takes about 4 hours to reach Batwater depending on wind and current. It is on the Oregon shore, behind Crimms Island. Plan to motor at least part of the trip as the wind goes light past Kalama and until you reach Longview.

320 feet with water and power

320 feet with water and power


Ignore the charts – there is a channel into Bradbury Slough. I will send out details to all who plan to attend.

The cruise officially starts Saturday, July 27.   Some of us head out on Friday and spend the night at Martins Island before continuing on to Batwater on Saturday.  For those who can spend more time we wil travel to Cathlamet on Monday for two or three nights.  Remember the channel markers have been pulled due to silting and no dredging.  Please consider going around Puget Island and approaching Cathlamet from the lower end.  Those spending one week on the cruise will then work their way back upstream with possible stops at Gull Island, Batwater, Walker Island, Rainier and Martins before returning to Saint Helens.  For those boats spending the full two weeks stops at Astoria and Ilwaco are on the list of stopovers.

Please RSVP to me ASAP if you are planning on going for the opening weekend.  I need a count as this will determine the cost at Batwater.  We would like to see at least 12 boats for the weekend.  More boats equals less $ per boat and we can have exclusive use of the facility.     503-341-7466



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