Posted by: Libby | September 6, 2010

Photo of Race 6

Thanks to Dan & Betty for sending us this great shot of the start of race 6.  This was just before Raven tacked to starboard and watched the fleet sail on by!

Posted by: Libby | September 1, 2010

Boatload of Photos from July 8th Race

My apologies for not posting these sooner – I received them on a CD and my Mac wouldn’t read it… however I just discovered that Rick’s computer (which runs Linux) can read the CD.  So without further delay, here are photos of the July 8 race, which were taken by Barnestormer’s crew member, Steve Topaz.  Thanks, Steve, and sorry it took so long!

Posted by: Libby | September 1, 2010

Three Quick Racing Updates

First: The last race (September 2) will start at 6:30, not 6:00 as posted on the race schedule.

Second: Race Captain Bob sent an email with corrected results from last week’s race… the race results page has been updated accordingly.

Third: Cigdem posted some great shots in a Picasa web photo album.

Posted by: Libby | August 28, 2010

Results, Summer Series Race 6 (August 26)

Kudos to Bob & Crew for managing to WIN while the boat was slowly filling with water. What a feat! Photo by Libby 🙂

This from Race Captain Bob:

What a race!  It started out calmly enough.  The sun was shining, a light and variable breeze came from the north, then from the west, and the northwest.  A port tack was definitely favored, but you didn’t want to get  too close to the Oregon shore in the shadow of the bluff.  At the same time you didn’t want to be caught at the start line near the dock on Sand Island in a crowd, driven into irons on a port tack.   Read More…

Posted by: Libby | August 26, 2010

Photos from August 26 Club Race

Posted by: Libby | August 20, 2010

Follow Spindrift During the Bridge to Bridge!

Mark & Cigdem are heading out this weekend for the Bridge to Bridge, a race from Astoria to Newport, aboard Spindrift.  They have set up a nifty web page where you can follow their progress.  Here’s the link:

Posted by: Libby | August 20, 2010

Results, Summer Series Race 5 (August 19)

The Word from Race Captain Bob:

Greetings Campers,

It feels like fall is in the air.  The days are getting noticeably shorter.  Yesterday’s weather was lovely for racing sailboats.  The wind, which had been threatening not to make an appearance, was blowing nicely by 5:30, sending white-caps & some rollers up the channel between St Helens & Sand Island.   Read More…

Posted by: Libby | August 20, 2010

Results, Summer Series Race 4 (August 12)

(My apologies for the delay in posting these results – it’s been a busy week!)

This from Race Captain Bob:

T’was a beautiful evening for sailing.  Soft, warm breeze.  The water was nice and flat. Things were good for the lighter boats.  However, there was a strong flood tide.  The water was rushing up hill, which confused the reactions of some of us.  Water is suppose to flow down hill, I think. Read More…

Posted by: Libby | August 20, 2010

Boatload of Photos from the 2010 Summer Upriver Cruise

Don Maywald sent in this batch of photos from the 2010 Upriver Cruise.  Check out the shots of the trip through the locks – looks fun!

Posted by: Libby | August 19, 2010

Photos from August 19 Race

Thanks to Race Committee for sending the fleet past the concert tonight!

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