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Anybody want to share cruising pictures?

Hey club members, it’d be great to get some cruising photos posted here…. if you have ’em, get in touch with me!


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Results, Summer Series Race 3

From Race Captain Bob:

It was good evening for racing sailboats.  There was wind,  and some chop depending on the moment.  Rick and Libby made up a course to send the racing fleet up the west side of Sand Is. to entertain concert goers by dazzling them with spinakers and the incredible skill and daring of the fleet’s fearless crews.  I am sure that it is to our credit that no one sunk, and there were no collisions within sight of the crowd. Read More…

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Series 2, Race 3 Photos

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Series 2 Race 2 Photos

All photos from Series 2 Race 2 posted here:

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Results, Summer Series Race 2

If anyone has photos, please send them my way and I’ll post them for you!

From our esteemed Race Captain, Bob Barnes:
Conditions were near perfect for racing.  Wind speed was characterized at “lots”, and the river was “lumpy”.  Milo, celebrating his birthday, took his big boat & large party of well wishers and observers to the red-green can to set up the start line.   Read More…
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Photos from Long Distance Race

Click on the photos to see larger versions.

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Summer Cruise Meeting July 12th

Join Mike & Cheryl Morrisey for a summer cruise meeting

Monday, July 12th at 6:30 p.m. at Sunshine Pizza

Discuss your cruising schedule for the SHSC Annual Summer Cruise.

Please RSVP to Cheryl by Sunday evening, July 11 if you plan to attend.

Our schedule states July 24-31 (upriver) and July 31- Aug. 7 (downriver).

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Results, Summer Series Race 1 (July 8)

Tabasco took advantage of some gennaker adjusting on Mo-B-Dick to sneak past the white whale on the way back upriver. Photo by Libby Calnon.

From Race Captain Bob:

A bully race, simply bully!

Now that was fine sailboat racing weather. Wind out of the north at about 15+ and warm. The river was slightly lumpy, but nothing outrageous. Everyone moved smartly, er, well, everyone moved rapidly through the course. Read More…

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Join us for the July 10 Long Distance Race

Folks, our next Long Distance Race will be July 10th. These races are fun, casual affairs – fit for anyone with a boat and a smile!

Here’s the entry form, which you only need to fill out if you are not already registered to race in the spring & summer racing series. If you are registered to race, just let Bob know if you’re planning to participate in this long distance race so he can calculate a time for you for this reverse start.

July 2010 Long Distance Race Entry Form

We hope you will all come out and join us. Summer is finally here. Let’s enjoy it!

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Results, Spring Series Race 7 (July 1)

From Race Captain Bob Barnes:

Well, race #7 was hardly anyone’s day. Drippy skies and no air. It made you feel like Casey-at-the-Bat: there was no joy in Mudville. So, that was the last race, or no-race, of a series that saw too much disappointing weather. All we can say to one another is: That’s sailboat racing. (What a really stupid sport!)

Race # 7 was the throw-out race for all of us.

See the results from the entire series, along with some comments from Bob.

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